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One clinic... Everything you need.

Sculpt, Tone & Strengthen Your Muscles Using HIFEM Radio Frequency Technology.

Build muscle and burn fat at Longevity Care Clinic. We use HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field) technology to lower your BMI by 15% within 60 days of treatment. Schedule your session today and experience more endurance and strength so you can do the things that bring joy.

It is no secret that there is a global obesity problem. A higher risk of obesity leads to premature death, chronic illness, and disease. A mere 10% increase in body weight can contribute to sleep apnea, cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. On the flip side, a weight loss of 10% can reduce the risk of chronic illness by up to 26%, and a 16.3% loss in body weight can improve physical performance by 27%.

EmSculpt® is the latest technology in non-invasive body sculpting. This innovative technology offered at Longevity Care Clinic is the first treatment ever to build and sculpt your muscles while reducing body fat and lowering your BMI. The HIFEM technology treatment is perfect for people looking to increase lean muscle while reducing body fat to transform their physique.

Using HIFEM energy, your muscles experience contractions in the abs, buttocks, thighs, biceps, triceps, and calves. One session of just 30 minutes is equivalent to 20,000 squats or crunches. This technology can sculpt and tone the muscles you can’t target at the gym, such as the smaller ancillary muscles that work together to give you a tight, toned physique.

By creating more muscle mass, you will lower your BMI and reduce your risk of disease and illness. This cutting-edge technology is FDA-approved. It can melt subcutaneous fat to reveal muscle tone and definition. Schedule your consultation today to experience increased power, endurance, and health.

How Does It Work?

Our program has undergone clinical studies that demonstrate an average 25% increase in muscle and an average 30% decrease of fat in treated areas.

  • Muscle Targeting - Choose a muscle group to activate: abdomen, glutes, biceps, calves, thighs.

  • Muscle Activation - Focused electromagnetic energy safely triggers muscle contractions

  • Fat Reduction - Local fat stores are broken down and metabolized by the body to support muscle contractions.

How Does It Feel Like?

Muscle contractions are induced at a rate comfortable for you, followed by a cooldown period. Sessions are painless, but muscle soreness is expected similar to if you manually contracted the targeted muscle group.

Areas We Treat:

Abs Sculpt

Get sculpted abs by melting the subcutaneous fat that covers the muscles while strengthening them at the same time.

Glute Sculpt

Reduce the appearance of cellulite using HIFEM technology to obtain a high, round bottom.

Saddle Sculpt

Strengthen and build hamstring muscles in 4, 30-minute sessions spread out over eight weeks to lift your buttocks and give your legs a lean look.

Thigh Sculpt

Tone your quads and hamstrings for strong, powerful legs to help you go the distance.

Tri Sculpt

Achieve lean, sexy, sculpted arms by building your triceps and reducing stubborn fat that is very difficult to target.

ByeFat Sculpting

The ByeFat procedure is a noninvasive fat loss treatment. Utilizing frequency sound waves to melt the fat coupled with targeted light therapy to aid in rapid detoxing of the decomposed fat cells.

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