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Body Transformation for Optimal Health

Weight loss has never

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Lose fat, tone muscles, eat amazing foods, take high-quality supplements, and be advised by a physician to ensure optimal health.

Our providers will meet with you to determine what is keeping your body from optimal health and will work with you to discover the root cause preventing your weight loss. We will help you immediately lose unwanted weight by targeting the high priority areas, activate your muscles and build core/strength, develop a personalized nutrition and maintenance plan for you and your body type, and reduce inflammation, addressing ongoing issues with your metabolism, and optimize hormones as needed for you and your body.

About the Optimal Health Body Transformation Program

This program is perfect for people who are committed to a total body transformation with detoxing, supplements, toning, sculpting and contouring the body for maximum results and maximum health.

Expect more from your health care team. We provide:

  • Individual 3D Body Scans to asses health, and provide predictive disease analysis.

  • Non-invasive muscle targeting to tone and strengthen.

  • Personalized ongoing support for hormonal balancing in person or via virtual calls with your physician

  • Comprehensive hormonal, nutritional testing, genetic, and advanced testing as required to determine the root cause of chronic issues. Guidelines and tools are prescribed by your physician

  • Therapies developed and endorsed by medical providers.

  • Dedicated coaches provide individual monthly support sessions and ongoing education

  • Certified nutrition visits to established customized nutrition approach for you

  • With Longevity, you will not only see results immediately, but also be provided with valuable hormone and nutritional knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.

Let's schedule your
Body Transformation consultation.

Our Comprehensive Ultimate 6 Month

Weight Loss Plan:

  • Physician Consultation and Skinny Plan ($250)
  • 7 Day Detox ($150)
  • 28 Day Weight Formula ($150)
  • 5 day FAST and monthly Get Slim Box ($1,050)
  • Weekly Skinny Shot with Peptides ($1,200)
  • 6 Sculpting and Contouring per month + IR ($21,600)
  • Hormone Consultation ($250)

Total Retail Value: $24,650

$8,499 / entire plan

Let Your Health Drive You Forward

Revitalize your health in every part of your life. With our methods, you will gain optimal energy, restorative sleep, strengthened immunity, and perfectly balanced hormones. Our comprehensive approach and thorough testing lay the groundwork so you can live your best life in the best of health.

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