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Reach peak pleasure with the O Shot

The O Shot or “Orgasm shot”, is a non-surgical procedure that stimulates the vagina in a way that positively impacts orgasms. Up to 25% of women have orgasmic dysfunction, and there are products on the market designed to help. 

The O Shot is made from a patient's own blood and then injected into the vaginal tissue, the clitoris to stimulate orgasm, and into the vaginal wall to treat vaginal dryness and painful intercourse as well as frequent vaginal infections. This then stimulates the growth of new cells in the injected area, making it more sensitive to the touch.

The Sensational Orgasm Shot

The O Shot treatment takes 1 hour and can be done on the same day as having a consultation. The effect starts about 3 weeks after the injection and the maximum results will happen around 3 months. The effect of the injection lasts for 8-12 months.

If you are aware of the elements that can complicate your sexual experiences, you should address those concerns. With the O Shot, you can experience a pleasurable and satisfying sex life. Come visit the Longevity Care Clinic to discuss your options and free yourself from sexual dysfunction.

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Our Comprehensive Ultimate 6 Month

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