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One clinic... Everything you need.

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If you or a loved one are diagnosed with a deadly disease—cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, or even arthritis—I want to show you exactly what you can do about it—right now.

Because when a devastating diagnosis is issued, you need to be prepared and ready to ask about the treatments mainstream medicine is missing.

When it comes to cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis—mainstream medicine has been exclusively providing the same options for decades…chemo, dangerous drugs, and surgery. While these may be effective at killing the cancer or symptoms for a while, what is missing is an attack on the root cause of the problem and actually healing!

And in the moments after your diagnosis, while you’re still in shock—you’re expected to go right along with the mainstream agenda and no one tells you about how to heal the actual root cause of the issue.

What Dr. Pavlovic is providing will change everything.

Longevity gives you the full story behind these scientific breakthroughs… everything that compliments the mainstream care and helps you heal.

If you or a loved one are facing a devastating diagnosis then you DESERVE to know about ALL your options…

There are countless natural treatments that can halt, and in some cases fight and even reverse, symptoms confounding mainstream medicine at every stage.

Message from our Founder:

Shawnee Starr

CEO, Longevity Care Clinic

Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Friend,

After a 2 year period of an incredible stress from divorce, financial difficulties, and loneliness, I found my cancer. I had Stage 2 Breast Cancer that had spread into my lymph nodes. I was scared, alone, and struggling with my life and the path I was heading down.

The diagnoses was a lot to swallow. The helpless feelings and fear of death drove me to take action. Through my biopsy, I was able to find out all about my type of cancer and the diagnosis, but I didn’t find out what could possibly be causing this.

I spent most of my time reading, researching, discussing, and testing. I found information about functional tests that were scientific, however not yet integrated to the narrow network of health providers covered by my insurance. I decided my health was worth a few hundred dollars and ordered these tests as they were impressive with the level of details that could be found and they addressed newer fields of science such as figuring out my food intolerances and deeper analytics of my hormones, genetics, and nutritional absorption than I had ever received.

I am a breast cancer survivor who has transformed my personal life and health based upon lifestyle choices centered around my 6 Pillars of Longevity.

I was passionate about discovering the root cause of my cancer and heal the source through wellness. I had no idea at the time that my transformation would touch so many lives and have such an impact on my overall health and vitality. I am proud to say that I am healthy and thriving and passionate about sharing my journey to mentor, coach, and enthusiast and encourage others to lead a vibrant and healthy life.

Since my healing, I have more energy than ever. I have found a community of clean eaters, nutrition junkies, fitness enthusiasts, and passionate therapists that help people with detoxification, relaxation, and treatments. I have never felt so loved and supported in all my life than I do in this community.


All of our Programs Include:

  • In-person or online provider visits

  • In-person or online nutrition visits

  • Unlimited chat support for the program via portal

  • Group calls

  • Detailed Health Progress Reports

  • Interactive Client Portal for tracking progress

  • Online Weekly Education on How to support your health goals.

  • Detox

  • Meal Plans

  • Recipes

  • Supplement Recommendations

  • Healing  of Gut Microbiome

  • Hormonal Challenges and our health

  • Understanding of Toxic Burden

  • Intermittent Fasting

Book your discovery call today to see what program may be best for you:

Let Your Health Drive You Forward

Revitalize your health in every part of your life. With our methods, you will gain optimal energy, restorative sleep, strengthened immunity, and perfectly balanced hormones. Our comprehensive approach and thorough testing lay the groundwork so you can live your best life in the best of health.

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