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Body Balance


Lose the weight and gain the health.

Longevity’s Body Balance

is Anti-Aging at it’s finest.

Longevity Concierge Membership

One clinic... Everything you need.

Do you struggle with maintaining your optimal weight once you reach it?

This comprehensive program is for anyone who wants a health transformation. 

Your membership starts off with a comprehensive physician appointment to assess your metabolism, hormones, energy, and overall health condition. You will receive a custom Health Roadmap that includes your personalized approach to detox, nutrition, supplementation, fitness, intermittent fasting, cellular healing, and nutrient absorption. 

Why is all this included?

Because you need this balance for your body to perform at optimal levels.

About the Body Balance Membership

Our program teaches you a new lifestyle that is manageable for people who are busy and need to take time to put their health first.

You will get weekly skinny shots along with monthly Vegan, All Natural Protein Powders, Green Berry Powder.

These supplements are an easy way to keep up with your nutrition in the fast pace world we live in and ensure that you get the protein needed to maintain muscles and 15 veggies per day in a delicious Green Berry Powder.

These supplements also come with MCT oil that helps you feel satiated and curb hunger.

You get to maintain with one sculpting session per month plus a monthly detox therapies.

Expect more from your health care team. We provide:

  • Personalized ongoing support for hormonal balancing in person or via virtual calls with your physician
  • Supported by comprehensive hormonal, nutritional testing, and advanced testing as required to determine the root cause of hormonal imbalance. Guidelines and tools are prescribed by your physician
  • Developed and endorsed by medical providers.
  • Dedicated coaches provide individual monthly support sessions and ongoing education
  • Exclusively available from approved healthcare professionals and trained coaches
  • With the Longevity, you will not only see results, but also be provided with valuable hormonal and nutrition knowledge to help you sustain your results on a long-term basis.

Our Comprehensive

Body Balance

Membership Gives You:

  • Hormone Therapy
  • Weekly Skinny Shots
  • Monthly supplements
  • 1 full sculpt and contour session per month
  • Monthly detox therapy.
  • Online masterclass

Meet with world class physicians and make sure you are on the path to optimal health and wellness!  Give yourself the gift of health with Longevity Care Clinic

Body Balance Membership

$429 / month

Let Your Health Drive You Forward

Revitalize your health in every part of your life. With our methods, you will gain optimal energy, restorative sleep, strengthened immunity, and perfectly balanced hormones. Our comprehensive approach and thorough testing lay the groundwork so you can live your best life in the best of health.

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