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3D Body Scans

Get your complete body measurements to calculate your muscle mass and body fat percentage.

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3D Body Scans are one of the most helpful health and fitness tools out there. Allowing you to see your body as it really looks inside, by getting information about the biometrics of each body part. Clients get a biometric progress report with their 3D Body Scan, showing subcutaneous fat measurements, body fat measurements, detailed body composition information, including body fat percentage and lean muscle versus fat mass, and circumference measurements of body cross-sections so you can assess different areas of your body and what you want to focus on.

Benefits of 3D Body Scans

The data is 99% accurate, giving information about your body in a way to see yourself in an entirely new way, and allowing you to make more informed decisions about your health and fitness goals. No more guessing where you should focus on losing weight or how many calories you should burn. As you progress, you can track your improvements.

3D Body Scans also give information about balance and posture, which can be crucial if you have workplace injuries, need physical therapy, or are an athlete in training. With 3D scanning information, you can set actionable goals to improve your body and health. The data will give you more control to create a workout plan that is specific to your needs and help you achieve your goals faster by reducing the risk of injury.

Being aware is the first essence of change and improvement because you can’t change anything unless you know it exists. With the 3D Body Scan technology, this is now possible. At the Longevity Care Clinic, we believe in functional change and breakthrough so you can live your best life.

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